The biggest trends for Christmas Parties 2018

Dressed Up Women At The Christmas Party London 2016

Christmas parties are always the hotly discussed topic in the office. Always remembered, good or bad, and are talked about until your summer get-together comes around. It’s therefore key to stay ahead of the biggest trends and coolest themes, here are some ideas to kick off your Christmas party as one to remember.

Set design is becoming increasingly popular – you don’t just hire a venue any more, you turn it into an alpine ski lodge, a set from love island or a moonscape. With the Olympics still being talked about with the messaging of excellence, friendship and respect (fantastic internal references) why not capitalise on this colour filled, vibrant year and have a carnival or samba-themed Christmas party (as they did Rio style 2017). It will add atmosphere, ensure everyone gets in the party spirit and can be really effective with an impactful set design.

Wellness and mindfulness are a huge trend continuing on from 2017. Why not have a different style of Christmas party – make it extremely calm, think high tea, colours of rose and teal and host a company lunch tea party rather than a traditional party. The calmness and restorative nature can be reflected in smoothie drinks, healthy canapés, relaxing music band choices and palm reading entertainment. It’s certainly thinking outside the box.

Another trend is networking – companies no longer want company jollies. Every element of company budget is monitored and needs to feel it has improved the company in some way so why not get your whole company to network. Speed dating Christmas parties are a great way to do this. Make it more entertaining by having a different activity at each speed networking table – get one to create a 30 second bauble to hang on the company tree, another to eat as many marshmallows as possible – they are great ways to break down the barriers and get people to really know each other. It might even improve that relationship between sales & marketing!

Participation is a huge trend in the event industry in general with companies wanting to get customers really involved in their brand – why not do the same with your employees? A tour and net session at Lord’s, shuffleboard tournaments darts competitions, foot golf – it’s all the rage. There are so many venues around London and beyond that cater for these. Get your colleagues involved and get competitive nature activated.

Catering is always a key consideration as part of the party. Turkey dinners are so 2000. Trends this year include farm to fork – why not highlight how far away your food has been sourced, show your employees how much you care about British suppliers? American snacks including pulled pork, sliders, mac and cheese are also appreciated and popular due to their booze soaking up abilities – make these gourmet by adding some truffle into the mac and cheese or mix up your serving options – why not do sharing boards Jamie Oliver style? Failing that multi coloured bagels seem to have an impact!?

There are so many options and ideas if you would like us to create a bespoke proposal for your company Christmas Party click here or get in touch with our expert event team below. If you are part of a small company why not go that extra mile and organise a company incentive trip. Whatever you’re looking for Paragon are happy to help.

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