Incentive Travel Destination Guide: Slovenia

Slovenia is a small and diverse country with mountains, ski resorts and serene lakes on offer. It is bordered to the West by Italy, Austria to the North, Hungary to the Northeast, Croatia to the South and Southeast, and the Adriatic Sea to the Southwest making the country itself very accessible. The cuisine is a proud mix of Central European, Slovenia also boasts three different wine regions.

Paragon was honoured to be invited by Slovenia Convention Bureau in partnership with Moulden Marketing to discover Slovenia and understand why it is a great choice for incentive trips.

Top 5 Reasons

  • Slovenia is very diverse but is small enough to be able to see a lot of the country in one visit
  • Slovenia has fully and enthusiastically embraced the idea of ‘Green’
  • A great range of activities available from rowing to wine tasting. Something for all abilities
  • Direct and short flights from London Stansted and Luton (2h05m flight)
  • Great value for money


The weather depends on the area within Slovenia that you visit. It boasts a continental climate in the northeast, a severe Alpine climate in the high mountain regions, and a sub-Mediterranean climate in the coastal region.

Slovenia is a great choice to do outdoor activities and below are the best times to by the type of outdoor activity:

Winter activities: December to March
Summer activities: May to September
Wine tasting: September
Rainy period (avoid): October and November
Month | Average Temperature (c)

January | -2
February | 0
March | 5
April | 9
May| 14
June | 17
July | 20
August | 19
September | 16
October | 11
November | 4
December | 0


Non-stop 2H05M flights available from Wizz Air (Luton Airport) and Easyjet (Stansted Airport) to Ljubljana (Capital).

Where to Stay

Ljubljana (Capital)

Grand Hotel Union – 5 Stars
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Ljubljana – 4 Stars
Antiq Palace – Small Luxury Hotels Of The World – 4 Stars
Ahotel – 3 Stars

Bled (Lake)

Grand Hotel Toplice – 5 Stars
Gozdne vile Glamping – 5 Stars
Hotel Park – 4 Stars

Unique Luxury Accommodation Experience – Gozdne vile Glamping

A great experience for couples in Bled. The luxury camp beds have a fantastic view and a sauna just on the side. Paragon suggest a one night stay with breakfast and watching the sun rise.

Sava Hotels & Resort – Gozdne vile Glamping

Bizeljsko/Dolenska (Wine)

Villa Istenič – 4 Stars

Maribor (Ski)

Arena Wellness Hotel – 4 Stars
Best Western Plus Hotel Piramida – 4 Stars
Hotel Lent – 4 Stars

Portoroz (Seaside & Spa)

Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož – 5 Stars
LifeClass Hotels & Spa – 5 Stars
Hotel Čeligo – 4 Stars


The Horse riding experience

Slovenia is well known for horses. They have unique breeds including the Lipizzan (or Lipizzaner) which is a horse that is born black and gradually becomes white as they age.

Paragon suggest a horse riding trip in the green countryside, under the stunning Karavanke mountain range and right into the hidden beauty of Zavrsnica valley!

The trip starts from a simple country style farm stables located in a village only 10 minutes’ drive from Bled. The trip usually runs for 2 hours for small groups and can accommodate between 1-6 guests.

Kayaking adventure into Slovenia’s ‘Black Hole’ mines

Located about 500m below the ground, kayaks will be awaiting your group at the bottom of the mine, which was flooded after mining and was abandoned. Guests get the chance to explore various passages and galleries.

The size of group can vary however there is a minimum age of 10.

Gourmet Dinner by top Female Chef Ana Ros

Slovenia has the best female chef in the World, Ana Ros and having the opportunity to have a private culinary experience the Castle is a must!

Wine tasting & Underground Cellar Visit

Slovenia produces fantastic white and red wines. Taste these under-rated varieties in unique underground cellars.

The wine tasting can be set up for a variety of group sizes, although due lack of accommodation we recommend a group ranging between 10-60 attendees.

Pletna Boat experience

Get a group together and take a ride on this unique boat made by locals. Pletna boat was created in 1590 and it is operated only by locals named oarsman. It is a very prestigious job and the title is handed down from generation to generation!

Available for a variety of group sizes. Each boat capacity can take up to 20 attendees.

Best Group Size

Small groups from 10 to 80 attendees will take the most of this superb country with different types of activities available.

Special thanks to Mr. Miha Kovacic, CEO, Slovenian Convention Bureau, Mrs. Mateja Legat from Sava Hotels & Resort, James Moulden from Moulden Marketing and Jan Oršič from Intours.