How we work with brands

At Paragon we pride ourselves in being able to match our talent with brand values, personality and the objectives of your campaign. We have over 15 years expertise in running successful sponsorship, engagement and speaking opportunities at a range of events including brand re-launches, product launches, awareness campaigns and entertainment. 

Lot’s of very important research papers show that there is a positive correlation between celebrity endorsement on brand positioning, we are sure you know that already!

Five advantages to using talent with your brand are:

1. It can influence customers purchasing your product
2. It can build awareness of your brand
3. It can positively effect brand positioning
4. Attract a new audience to your brand
5. Breath life into your brand

The Management Process | How we work with brands?

At Paragon we pride ourselves in being able to match our talent with the brand values and objectives. We have over 14 years expertise in running successful sponsorship, endorsement and brand ambassador opportunities for a range of brands through various occasions including brand and product launches, PR and advertising campaigns and client facing events.

How working with talent helps:

  • It increases your brand awareness through additional publicity
  • It attracts and delivers new audiences
  • It allows your brand to be seen to be associated with a leading and successful personality
  • It gives credibility and kudos to your brand

How can the talent be used:

  • Press and media days set up with the talent to promote the brand
  • Launch events to attract the most publicity to attend
  • Fronting PR and advertising campaigns – TV, radio, print, online, social media
  • Brand and product endorsement through usage
  • Client entertaining events – private dinners, golf days, experiences with the talent and more
  • Staff incentive days – conferences, office visits, competitions to spend time with the talent and more

What brands have said about working with us

“Thanks to Ed’s contribution the campaign was a great success. Over 15M+ views of all content online. A significant increase in engagement. Overwhelmingly positive sentiment, comments, shares etc. Happy Budweiser.”  Anomaly

“Phil did such a great job last year that they would like a repeat performance next year at the same venue!” Speakers 

‘Elite Player Commercial Partner Benefits’

The partnership…

Have your company branding on the back of your 2 company ambassadors bats throughout
the year, allowing you to generate exposure during the vast amount of cricket TV and media
coverage during the 6 months of the season.

Additional benefits…

  • One appearance from each player (option for additional appearances subject to final fee)*
  • 2 tickets to all the player’s home games
  • A net training session for 10 people at one of the player’s home grounds
  • Company logo displayed on the Paragon website and regular promotional messages from
    players social media pages
  • A collection of signed memorabilia

Cricket progression

Press Coverage

We would love to hear your thoughts on talent management and provide you with options and ideas for your brand to reap the rewards of talent today.